DirectPrint 1.4

What is it?

DirectPrint allows you to send files directly to an installed printer in RAW format, bypassing the printer driver. With it you can print PRN, TXT, PostScript, PCL, ZPL, and any other device-dependent file formats that the printer will recognize.


DirectPrint has a configurable feature-set that allows you to use it in powerful ways:

  • Configure most common file type associations
  • Specify your own custom file type associations
  • Command-line interface
  • Allows automatic printing, bypassing the user-interface
  • Optionally suppress DirectPrint error messages
  • Send associated file types directly to the printer from the right-click menu
  • Fully functional trial version

System Requirements

DirectPrint requires Windows 2000/NT, Windows XP, or Windows Vista.

Give it a try!